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Scout and parent resources to make your Scouting experience fun and safe!

Sea Base Information 

Uniform and Equipment Information

This document will help you get your scout ready for all outings as a Scout.  If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the leaders.

Troop 539 Uniform and Equipment Information

Camping Supply List

Members of Troop 539 love to camp and other participate in other outdoor activities.  When a Scout first joins, the quickly learn that the need the proper equipment for be safe and comfortable.  You should always speak to a Scout Leader before making camping gear purchases.  However, we have put together a list of equipment that should work nicely.

Camping Checklist - For our all our camping trips (Cold, Cool, and Warm).  Gear Recommendations.  Always remember to travel light.

Troop 539 Official Handbook

Important information for Scouts and parents of Troop 539.  

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