How do I create a Scoutbook account for my scout?

The parent should login to scoutbook.scouting.org, click on their Scout, then Edit Extended Information. At the bottom of the page there is the link to add the Scout. The Parent enters the Scout's email address and invite's the Scout. The Scout gets an email with account info.

How do I RSVP on Scoutbook for an event?

You can RSVP for an event in Scoutbook by clicking My Dashboard > Events > My Calendar > Select the event > Click on your photo or silhouette (with your name under it) > Click Yes

Where do I go to take Your Protection Training (YPT)?

From the My.Scouting.org portal, click Menu then My Dashboard from the menu list. The My Training page displays to take Youth Protection training. Upon completion, you may forward a copy to our Committee Chairperson, Amy Chae.